Automate Your Workflow and Improve Productivity

Don’t leave your customers hanging!! Set Keywords to trigger auto-responses, Schedule Text for letter events or Create custom triggers for special events. Provide sales, marketing or customer support at lightning speed.

Set Keywords to Trigger Automated Responses

Make one-on-one communication more easy, direct, and personal. With our automated text messaging solution, you can automate your communication process, reduce holding time, enhance productivity, and build meaningful customer connections.

Respond at Lightning Speed

Identify frequently used keywords, Set auto-responses to provide customer support faster, without losing that human-touch.

Personalize the Experience

Customize auto-responses based on specific customer needs, creating a tailored and engaging interaction that builds trust and loyalty.

Handle High Volume with Ease

Our toggle-free dashboard enables efficient management of a large customer base, allowing you to handle high volumes of inquiries without sacrificing the human touch.

TruText’s the perfect way to save time and improve your communication.

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers!

Now you can ensure consistency and timely communication with your customers using our auto-responses and timer-automation. Stay connected with your customers and never miss a beat, enhancing both customer satisfaction and your business efficiency.

Set Response for Unavailability

Ensure efficient communication by setting timer-automation, set a predefined response message to let your customers know you’ll respond later and maintain professionalism, managing customer expectations during your absence.

Schedule Texts for Future Delivery

Plan ahead and schedule texts to be sent at a later date and time, effortlessly send upcoming events, promotions or reminders to your customers at the perfect time.

Auto-Responses for Busy Moments

Focus on your important meetings and tasks while our software handles incoming messages. Set up auto-responses to let your customers know you’re currently busy but will get back soon.

Elevate Customer Engagement with Advance Automation Tools

Never lose that human touch!! Personalize your text messages to maintain a warm and personal connection while leveraging on automated responses. Let our advanced automation tool allow you to control the conversation with Keywords.

Automated Responses for Specific Events

Whether it’s a new sign-up, an existing client or a special event, our custom trigger responses enable you to send targeted messages that resonate with your customers. Provide conversative offers and meaningful content, create a memorable experience that sets your business apart.

Address Frequently Asked Questions

Effortlessly address customer concerns, provide instant solutions while saving your and customers valuable time, our automation tool allows you to set trigger responses for common inquiries and issues. provide accurate informative information and create a positive customer experience.

Personalize Messages for Customer Needs

Go beyond automation, our software allows you to personalize your auto-responses, adding a personal touch that resonates with your customer’s needs.


Most frequently asked Questions Answered

Yes! Keywords are used to trigger an automated response to your customers when they text you a specific word.

Yes, you can schedule an Auto response for later date and time. For example, if you are in a meeting, you can set up a schedule where an auto response will be sent out if someone messages you during that time frame. This way, people will know that you are unavailable and will not expect an immediate response

Keywords can help you save time and give faster responses to your clients.

There is no limit on the number of Keywords you can set.

You can click on the “Sign Up” link on top of the page or request a free demo with us.

Sure, when you sign up you will have an option to select a toll free number for free to use.