Reach more customers with our broadcast tool!

Stop wasting time with copy and paste text. Use the broadcast tool to send one-to-many text messages to your clients, past clients or even leads with special promotions. Don’t settle for less – try TruText today.

Explore How Our Broadcasting Works?

Write short and sweet title and text message you want to broadcast. Save time using our shortcodes to fill in data automatically.

Select your targeted audience, either manually, from your address book or By specific tags to send the broadcast text.

Whether you want to send right away or Planning to launch on a later date. It’s all possible.

Always cross check to reduce human errors, review all details and launch it!! or Strategy changed ? don’t panic, you can always go back and edit your broadcast messages before they are sent out.

Send One-To-Many Text Messages in Just A Few Clicks

Reach and engage with your customers effectively in just a few clicks with our broadcasting solution. Stay connected, send important announcements, and promote your products effortlessly.

Broadcast Personalized Messages

Reach out to your targeted audience with fastest and easiest way. Send Promotion messages, related content and share new product updates using broadcast.

Streamline Important Announcements

Mass texting is a great way to efficiently send out important announcements. Save time and effort by delivering your message to a large group of recipients in just a few clicks.

Communication at Scale

Our customized broadcast tool enables two-way communication, which allows all recipients to respond to you privately. Encourage customers to provide feedback of their recent purchase and improve your customer loyalty.

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Most frequently asked Questions Answered

Broadcast messaging is a communication method that allows you to send a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously. It enables you to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently.

Broadcast messaging is the fastest and easiest way to reach out to your targeted audience. It helps you stay in touch with your dedicated customers, promote your products or services, and make important announcements without spending much time or effort.

There is no limit on the number of recipients you can send to. We recommend keeping the number under 50. 

Yes, Our customized broadcast tool enables two-way communication, which allows all recipients to respond to you privately.  

Yes! Our platform provides the functionality to schedule broadcast messages for a later date and time. You can specify the desired date and time for the message to be sent, ensuring timely delivery to your recipients.