From Lead to Loyalty, It’s All Possible With SMS Marketing

Send Special Offers at Right time to get desired actions by your target customers. Use SMS Marketing to Convert Your Leads into Loyal Customers.

Why Businesses Use SMS for Marketing?

98% of text messages are opened, compared to just 20% of emails

91% of customers want to receive text messages from businesses

10X time more cost-effective than other forms of marketing

Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

Use SMS Marketing Campaigns to attract and engage with your customers Like Never before and send targeted offers, promotions and updates to your relevant audience at the right time.

Marketing SMS Conversation on TruText App

Build Brand Awareness

Promote your product and services to Potential Customers with Broadcast make an emotional appeal to buy it.

Grab Customer Attention

Schedule Special Deals and Offers to Targeted Customers and encourage them to take desired action.

Amusing confirmation messages

Send confirmation SMS, Pre-written descriptive templates can help you send quick confirmation and make customers excited about receiving the product or service.

Increase loyalty Among Customers

Use Referral SMS Campaign, Encourage Loyal Customers to become the voice of your business.

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How SMS Marketing Can Help Businesses To Build Brand Awareness ?

Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time Icon

Increase Conversion Rate

57% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after receiving a text message from a business

Save Money Icon

Enhance ROI

SMS marketing campaigns can generate up to $120 per $1 spent.

Boost Brand Loyalty Icon

Boost Brand Loyalty

83% Customers are willing to refer their friends and family.