Powerful Two-Way Text Messaging Features

Stay in-touch with your customers with our Two-way communication anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait – start using TruText today to see the difference!!

Connect Two-way with our User-Friendly Dashboard

We make one-on-one communication direct and personal. Our toggle-free dashboard lets you manage a large number of people, without losing that human touch.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Get access to our dashboard from anywhere in just a few clicks and start communicating with your customers. 

Build meaningful connections and manage multiple clients with our toggle free dashboard.

Get Un-limited history and Keep a track of all your conversations and messages for future reference.

Two-way communication

Send and receive text messages in real-time. One-on-one conversations can help you to build trust and increase sales.

Pick up where you left off or start a new conversation easily and effectively. 

Make direct two-way communication with customers and give them instant conversational support.

Ready to enhance your communication with two-way text messaging?

The Benefits of Tags and Templates

Use our time-saving features to organize your contacts and temples, we offer text messaging software that makes your two-way customer communication easy and faster.

Save time and effort with pre-written templates

Create your own library of pre-written messages that are often sent, Give short names to templates, and Save Time! Add your brand voice in ready-to-use templates, Reduce typing time, and provide a quick customer communication experience.

Differentiate and organize contacts by giving them unique tags

Use Tags to group people together based on your criteria and describe the way you easily remember. Also, You can use tags to send broadcasts and target specific groups of people to send messages. Create unlimited tags as per need!!


Most frequently asked Questions Answered

Two-way text messaging enables sending and receiving text messages to your customers. Two-way texting enhances customer engagement, improves communication efficiency, and provides a convenient channel for customer support, appointment scheduling, order updates, and more.

Tags are labels you can assign to your contacts to group them. For Example, Current Client, Dancer, Singer, etc..

Templates, save you time by having pre-saved drafts to send to your customers for frequently asked questions.

Yes, we have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices available for download for free.

Setting up two-way text messaging for your business is easy. Simply sign up for our service, choose a plan that suits your needs, and follow the setup instructions provided. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the process.

Sure, when you sign up your account , you’ll have an option to select a toll free number for free to use.