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We’re proud to provide an innovative tool that can help your business to increase brand awareness, create more leads and boost sales. Don’t settle for less – try out our referral campaign program today to see the difference!!

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Grow your business with TruText’s Referral texting tool, take your marketing strategy to the next level and drive more sales.

How Referral Campaign Works

Our easy-to-use referral campaign tool allows you to create a personalized campaign in four easy steps. Encourage your loyal customers to refer your business to friends and families and reward customers with exclusive offers and deals.

Start by setting up your referral campaign with customized goals and rewards. Define and write referral messages what actions you want your customers to take and the incentive they can earn for successful referrals.

Craft engaging messages that your customers can easily share with their contacts by just one clink. These pre-draft messages will make it effortless for them to introduce your business and encourage others to join with special offers and code.

Easily select and add recipients, who you want to invite in your referral campaign. Select your contacts wisely and ensure that your referral invitations reach the right people. 

Launch your referral campaign by sending personalized referral invitations. Customers will receive a unique referral link, which they can easily share with their contacts. With just one click, they can select their preferred contacts and spread the word about your business. It’s a simple way for them to promote your business and you can easily track their referral progress.

Ready to unlock the power of referrals and boost your business?

Discover More About Referral Tool

Our customized advanced referral campaign tools allow you to create personalized micro-URL links. Share these links with your audience, track performance, and gain valuable insights through analytics.

Create Personalized Referral Links

We offer a custom-made Micro URL tool. Using this tool, you can generate short URL links and customize each link as per your needs. Create referral campaigns and share these links with your customers and encourage them to spread the word using our customized tool.

Track Performance and Analytics

Using our advanced features, you can track your referral campaigns performances such as a total event, unique events, claims and related actions. Monitor key metrics and analyze campaign effectiveness in real-time using our Analytics graph. Measure the success of each link and make data-driven decisions to optimize your referral strategy to maximum impact.

Implement Validation Codes for Rewards

Enhance your referral program by assigning unique codes to each referral, you can easily track and validate successful referrals. When clients redeem their codes, you can verify the referring source straight from our software. This not only adds a layer of security but also ensures that your customers receive their well-deserved rewards promptly.

Why Should You Use a Referral Campaign?

92% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers a referral program

85 % of Millennials trust referral advertising the most.

82% upper management claim word of mouth creates the best leads

Benefits of Our Referral Tool

Word of mouth marketing has the power to take your business sales and revenue to the next level. Our advance referral campaign features allows you to build brand awareness, increase sales and maximize your return on investment.

Increase Brand Awareness and Reach

Referral campaigns help expand your brand’s visibility and reach new leads. When people hear about your business from their friends and family, they are more likely to trust and do business with you.

Generate More Leads and Conversions

Referral campaigns have a proven track record of generating high-quality leads. By leveraging the trust and recommendations of existing customers, you can attract new leads who are more likely to convert.

Boost Sales and Revenue

With the power of referral marketing, you can tap into a highly interested and engaged customer base. Convert referrals into paying customers, reduce marketing costs and drive revenue growth for your business.


Most frequently asked Questions Answered

No, our unique Referral Campaign is only available in the Pro version.

Referral Campaign is designed to help our clients get more leads using their existing customer base. 

Studies show that 85% of people are willing to refer others to products or services they like, so why not ask them to do so? 

Yes, we have analytics you can view to keep track of referrals. 

You can click on the Sign Up link on top of the page or request a free demo with us. 

Sure, when you sign up you will have an option to select a toll free number for free to use.