Business Texting Software that Speed Up Sales Cycle

No more unheard voice-mails. Texting has a higher response rate than phone calls, helping your sales team to generate more sales and respond instantly with TruText.

Why Sales Team Use Text Messaging ?

98% of texts are opened in the first 10 minutes after they are received.

89% of consumers prefer texting with a business over any other mode of communication. 

90% of customers prefer to receive promotional messages via text message.

Optimize your sales funnel

TruText’s texting software can help your sales teams to optimize their sales funnel by sending targeted messages to customers at the right time, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

TruText App Showing Sales Chat

Leave no leads behind

Skip old school sales techniques and focus on 1:1 communication, Build trust and create strong relationships with potential customers.

Increase sales team productivity

Automation texting let your sales team manage several conversations at once. schedule and share valuable content during the sales cycle.

Maximize leads outreach

Use Broadcast to Share exclusive deals and offers with your target leads to accelerate your sales funnel.

Enhance referral campaign

Offer personalized deals to your loyal customers, Maximize 92% leads conversion rate with referral program.

Ready to drive more sales?

How texting can speed up your sales funnel ?

Improving response rates Icon

Improving response rates

90% of consumers respond to a text with in 30 minutes of receiving it

No more unheard voicemail Icon

No more unheard voicemail

84% want to receive texts from a business

Boost Brand Loyalty Icon

Boost Your Sales Pitch

46% of consumers want to text businesses for sales inquiries